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Connie leading a painting party step by step

As a young child, Connie loved the vibrancy of crayons and the tactile experience with finger painting.  In school, she took as many art classes as possible, focusing mainly on oils but ending any additional formal training.  During her family’s growing years, she concentrated on calligraphy as her artistic expression and means of blessing people.  For the past ten years, Connie has rediscovered the joy of painting and is learning to exhibit with confidence and pride, knowing that her paintings are personal expressions of growth and journey.


Connie believes that everything good and beautiful is a direct gift from God and should be a source of inspiration and worship.  God created everything with excellence, beauty and precision and as his children made in his image, we all have the innate urge and ability to create.  This process of inner expression whether through art, music, writing, thinking or acting, is a person’s opportunity to glorify God.  Connie’s hope is to bring beauty into each artistic endeavor and thus offer praise to her Creator.

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